Printic Ticketing Software



PRINTIC Ticketing Software is your complete
in-house Ticketing System.

 Download: PRINTIC2.0 DIY Ticketing Software


This Software allows you to print your own custom made tickets 

from your home or venue, saving you time and money. 


We supply all of the A4 Perforated Stock designed for photocopiers, laser and ink jet printers. 

Call us on 1800 14 15 16 for supplies or order online.


If you would like some FREE Ticket Stock to get you started, let us know! 


Ticket Types Include:

 Concert Tickets, Utility Tickets, Butt Tickets, 3 Part Tickets

Money Vouchers, Generic Scratch tickets & Press Seal Tickets.


Once the trial has expired, please call to get your license key (business hours only).

Annual License Fee: $190 + GST




For any enquiries, contact our team on 1800 14 15 16