The Digger's View: WWI In Colour

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One of the most important World War I books ever published.

"Only rarely do I review a book that hits me as hard as The Digger's View: WWI in Colour. The Digger's View is striking on several accounts. While there have been dozens of very valuable self published histories, few have reached the heights of The Digger's View."
- John Hunter Farrell, ANZ Defender Magazine

"A book such as this will do much to illustrate the human and personal dimensions of WWI."
- Sir Peter Cosgrove, former Governor General

The Digger's View: WWI in Colour offers an unprecedented view of Australia's military history - the way the soldiers saw themselves during the 1914-1918 period. Painstakingly brought to life in full colour, the images provide a unique perspective of the Great War.

Never before has a book on Australia's commitments to World War I seemed so immediate and visceral.

The images presented are supplemented with accompanying text from Australian participants of the Great War. Take a look at World War I through the eyes of those who served and became such an important part of Australia's cultural identity.

"The Digger's View: WWI in Colour is a magnificently produced, high quality book that will create a connection with any reader. If you only buy one book to commemorate the ANZAC centenary, it should be The Digger's View."
- Colonel Marcus Fielding, President of Military History & Heritage, Victoria

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