Tombola #10

Tired of running the same style raffle every week?
Then try out the Tombola Raffle Tickets for something fresh & new...


Tombola tickets are a low-cost, novel way of raising funds for your club. The unique raffle gives your customers a chance to win one or more prizes, and works a little differently to a standard raffle.


 1. Each prize is allocated a barrel or entry box, and your customers buy a sheet of numbers (or more!) and drop one or more of their tickets into any of the prize barrels.


 2. Once all tickets are sold, a number is drawn from each prize barrel - if their number is drawn, they win!


 3. This variation on the standard raffle allows them to place all their tickets in one barrel for a greater chance of winning the big prize, or distribute their tickets in several barrels to have a chance at winning every prize!

Each Tombola pack contains:


  • 10 identical perforated tickets per sheet
  • 100 sheets per pad - 5 pads in a set
  • 500 Numbers total
  • Available in White, Pink, Blue, Green or Yellow


Turnaround time 2-3 Business Days

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